Atras del Muro by Stanislas Guigui

Images Plurielles Editions 2014 - 96 pages


Nowhere can we better see the difficult relationship between empathy and photography. We're at the border of the testimony, the border of morals. The time has come for the miserable to overcome the camera and operator. Without illusions or actual hope, they show themselves, flaunting themselves in the hope of regaining dignity. Because behind that wall, knowing that we're watching, they send us their silent images, snatched from destiny and stolen from death.

François Cheval, Head curator at the Nicéphore Niépce museum




Cabaret New Burlesque by Stanislas Guigui

Editions du Chêne 2011 - 160 pages



Célèbres Visages par Agence VU'

Images Plurielles Editions  2012 - 132 pages


“Célèbres Visages” (Famous Faces) aims to offer a slideshow on portraiture, with a series of images of famous or unknown people. Some photographs come with a text written by the artist in order to highlight a chosen image.