Book signing in Paris

Interview : Stanislas Guigui in Paris Photo (in french!)

Rencontre avec Stan Guigui, photographe par mairiedeparis

Group Exhibition Nicéphore Niépce Museum

"Atras del Muro" by Stanislas Guigui

Atras del Muro by Stanislas Guigui
Images Plurielles Editions 2014 - 96 pages

Nowhere can we better see the difficult relationship between empathy and photography. We're at the border of the testimony, the border of morals. The time has come for the miserable to overcome the camera and operator. Without illusions or actual hope, they show themselves, flaunting themselves in the hope of regaining dignity. Because behind that wall, knowing that we're watching, they send us their silent images, snatched from destiny and stolen from death.
François Cheval, Head curator at the Nicéphore Niépce Museum

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PULSE MIAMI - Contemporary Art Fair

Collective Exhibition with La Galerie Particulière

December 5-8, 2013

The Ice Palace

1400 North Miami Avenue


Location : Booth C-102

Exhibition La Galerie Particulière Paris


WORKSHOP with Stan Guigui

Interview with Philippe Lefait (tv France 2)


Exhibition Galerie Christopher Gerber Lausanne

Gueules d'OM


Making of "Gueules d'OM"

Making of "Gueules d'OM" par Stan Guigui from Sonia S on Vimeo.

Stan Guigui invited at Festival Circulation(s) 2013 Paris